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Clayton UK International Aviation

We are a united Kingdom Based company who work on a global level in Aircarft brokerage Spare parts and Aviation equipments.

We have joined up with our partners to form an international aircraft brokerage focused on marketing commercial aircraft on behalf of authorized aircraft option holders worldwide.

We teamed with Blendace Management Ltd as head of marketing program for North America, Africa and the Middle East and brings and Arya Airline to bring in over 10 years of experience in passenger aviation.

Over 20 years of operations, marketing and business development experience spanning Aviation to technology startups.

Our group current clients include Jet Airways, Iraqi, Airways, Al-Rawa’a Airlines & Cargo, Iraqi Wand, Pakistan International Airlines, Air Indus, Bosnian Wand Airlines, Jordan Aviation and more. We also actively involved with various non-profit organizations to deliver mobile healthcare clinics to remote regions in Africa in partnership with NGO’s, particularly in Ghana, Swaziland, and South Africa.

Get to know me

Mahmoud Kaffash

Mr. Kaffash is the founder and managing director of Clayton UK International Aviation. With 15 years of experience in aviation, pre-sale advice and engineering experience in airport Ground­ Based Navigation Instrument Landing Systems (ILS). Master in electronics engineering and worked at Marconi Communication, GEC Electronics and Reuters News.

meet our partners


Blendace Management, Limited is a global aviation brokerage organized under the laws of Cyprus specializing in aircraft sales and acquisitions with emphasis on secondary market transactions.


Allied Aircraft Brokers is an international aircraft brokerage and marketing firm focused on sourcing and marketing commercial aircraft on behalf of authorized aircraft option holders to qualified buyers worldwide.


Our client base ranges from multinational banks and lessors, to major airlines and parts companies. We also have extensive experience in working for insurance companies on recovery operations worldwide.

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